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Mixed methods Training MMT

A BALANCED COMBINATION OF LEARNING TECHNIQUES FOR CHANGE. FUN METHODOLOGIES combined with DEEP ANALYSIS. BOREDOM is not permitted. ATTENTION and INTEREST ARE KEPT HIGH throughout our sessions. Diversity in learning styles of people indicates that it is essential to include varied methods and training activities that actually favor attention, concentration and information retention for each…
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Tiny-learning – Annual Programs

FROM "TINY-LEARNING" | TRAINING CAPSULES - TO ANNUAL PROGRAMS. The CAPSULES have two main aims: To meet A SPECIFIC current need for companies to provide training to their leaders and collaborators with a smart financial   time and money investment. To provide practice in a particular technique and acquire a particular skill in a specific competition.…
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Shadow Test-Out

At different stages in the learning and change processes it is feasible and valuable to evaluate the actual transfer of desired behaviours in real life. During a "Shadow Test Out" a trained observer attends meetings, interviews or any other real life routine activity of the person or team. In a later session observers provide detailed…
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