Tiny-learning – Annual Programs


The CAPSULES have two main aims:

To meet A SPECIFIC current need for companies to provide training to their leaders and collaborators with a smart financial   time and money investment.

To provide practice in a particular technique and acquire a particular skill in a specific competition. The capsules are not “introductions” to topics  but self-contained areas of development of immediate application..

  • Two (up to 4) hours.
  • A specific skill.
  • A specific technique.



  • This is possible using a methodology designed to impact participants in less time, focusing on a key aspect, favoring retention of learning, and connecting with their reality in an Agile manner
  • Tiny-Learning gives the opportunity to reach more people in a shorter time
  • Maximum 14 participants per group (minimum of two groups per day)
  • Tiny-learning for larger groups: Conference format with AT LEAST ONE practical activity.



  • A balanced and continuous combination of training and counseling sessions together with coaching to develop people and work units in a sequential program lasting at least 4 months.
  • These programs are planned at no extra cost, once we jointly establish the needs and objectives of each company or team.
  • Long training programs have a reduction in cost.

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