Leadership attitudes, emotions and skills

Explore our list of inspiring leadership related areas of improvement.

Each topic can be independently developed or be part of a more extended training program.

Feel free to tell us about other topics which you consider important for your people at this moment in time.

  • Starting point: self- knowledge and awareness about styles of thinking and communication.
  • Organization and improvement of work processes.
  • ALL about effective communication skills
  • The: Neurosciences applied to managing people (neuroleadership)
  • Understand and effectively implement the different styles of leadership.
  • Alignment of people, equipment and strategies.
  • Leadership and Management of International Teams.
  • Emotional intelligence applied to leadership.
  • Personal effectiveness in managing own time and that of others.
  • Effective delegation.
  • Managing productive and enjoyable meetings
  • The influence of emotions in making effective decisions.
  • Understanding and applying different assessment strategies: feedback and feedforward.
  • ASE (Awareness-Serenity-Energy) for effective leadership. Managing our own stress and that of others:
  • Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Building trust and commitment in people.
  • Developing self and team proactivity, curiosity and creativity.
  • Family, society and professional balance for leaders.How to create a "growth
  • mindset" in self and in teams.
  • Communicate with impact, influence and motivation. Storytelling..
  • Management and demanding mediation of interpersonal situations.
  • Explicitly recognizing the work of others.
  • 5 areas of development in teams: goals, roles, procedures and relationships.

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