Emotions and Efficiency: A.S.E.

A balanced combination of thoughts, emotions and actions.

People and teams focused on Serenity and Energy.

The aim of these programs is to facilitate the necessary changes for people to enjoy their work and personal life so that they their professional and human potential exp  ands

From the perspective of the Neurosciences thought processes are optimized when the "emotional" brain regions trigger messages that do not interfere with, but instead facilitate, cognitive analysis.

We define it as constructive mental activation.

Captura ASE

ASE states are achieved focusing on awareness of the three channels of emotional responses:

  • Thoughts (self-dialogue)
  • Physiological reactions (Autonomic Nervous System: heart rate, breathing, muscle tension...) and
  • Displayed behaviors (words, gestures, expressions, movements…).

With the application of the ASE model people experience a welfare state, are more able to analyze more accurately the information, face demanding situations resiliently, solve problems efficiently, concentrate for longer, improve their decision making and relate more constructively with others.

With a variety of exercises and techniques participants become more able to discover and put their efforts to manage more consciously each channel of response.

As a result people become more resilient and cope better with demanding specific situations (problem solving, conflicts) maintaining optimal levels of general activation (baseline) throughout life.

Participants will be acquainted with and practice powerful breathing and relaxation exercises applied in different circumstances. They will also be introduced to postural techniques and stress-related ergonomics. Other techniques such as pressopuncture and self-massage are part of the program.  All these techniques  are based on rigorous scientific studies.

The model also includes awareness and change of self-dialogue, modification of inflammatory thoughts and reconstruction of mental words and sentences.


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