Customer orientation

There are more than a few methods to facilitate marketing and selling products or services. We deal with this topic with a combination of effective models and technique

Since people dealing with customers, as well as customers themselves, have different styles of thinking and communicating, we propose participants in our workshops to develop their preferred style and to easily recognize the customers style, rather than training in a fixed method

General  guidelines for customer orientation are provided  followed by coaching for the development of  personal and professional preferences, awareness and appreciation of the style of others.

Focusing on the customer remains the basis of our training.

Following the guidelines of Transactional Analysis and Cognitive-Behavioral psychology the following topics are included in the programs:

  • ALL about communication with external customers.
  • Know, identify and manage customer needs.
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management.
  • How to gather customer information to know and meet needs and expectations
  • Building customer relationships that create an atmosphere of trust and shared interest.
  • Knowing how to present arguments and responding quickly to customer objections.
  • Being proactive in the sales process.
  • Learning to monitor the sales process and assess concerns, complaints or disagreements.
  • Good results in sales and ethical issues.
  • Effective sales business processes and models (AIDA, PIPPCO, others
  • Trading styles
  • Management of commercial time.
  • Customer service (customer satisfaction) in terms of time and quality of response.
  • Effective argumentation and creativity when dealing with objections.
  • How to deal with difficult customers.

For those working globally: the Cultural Intelligence Model is used. The program is extended to include:

  • ALL about communication with international customers
  • ALL about Cultural Intelligence (motivation, awareness, action and …..) as the basis of marketing and selling to global customers.

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