Corporate Health and Safety

  1. Psychosocial Risk Factors evaluation and prevention studies *

  2. "GREAT WORK  PLACE" Programs

  3. Incentive Programs

  4. Motivation and influence for safety norms compliance


1. Psychosocial risks evaluation and prevention studies. * ONLY IN SPAIN AND LATIN AMERICA

Organizational effectiveness and productivity are strongly directly related to people´s wellbeing.

What do companies get out of a psychosocial risk assessment?

  • Improvement of results: Organizations can improve their performance and organizational effectiveness through the care of its employees and with adjustments in work organization.
  • In addition to complying with a legal requirement, it is an opportunity to know more systematically the real perception of employees about their wellbeing and to implement organizational improvements beneficial for everyone.
  • Generate constructive environments and efficient work: There is ample evidence that people with high levels of job welfare work better, feel better and appreciate the efforts of their managers to care for them.

We facilitate the whole process of evaluating Psychosocial Risk Factors from planning and testing to implementation and monitoring of preventive measures.

The studies are performed by highly qualified professionals who lead the process and go beyond general measures deepening and customizing preventive measures, advising on changes to produce effective and lasting positive effects specific to each organization.

How does NBAgility do it? Consult our web in Spanish for a more detailed explanation

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2. "GREAT WORK PLACE" Programs

We accompany business in the creation of spaces and activities that define a workplace in which people feel cared for by their company and where concentration, interpersonal relationships and working environment are taken care of with the same high interest. Examples: definition of spaces, sports programs made easy, home skills: cooking, family time management...decoration...etc

There is no standard program. Contact us for a virtual meeting or a visit to your company.


A variety of interesting and appealing activities and plans that motivate leaders and collaborators. Programs adjusted to investment possibilities (there is always something we can do to incentivize our employees) Indoor and outdoor activities. Different types of Emotional Salary strategies, ....

There is no standard program. Contact us for a virtual meeting or a visit to your company.

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