Collaborators and Teams

Team members need to develop both, their individual and interpersonal skills, to be able to accomplish tasks with excellence in an enjoyable, trustable, and collaborative environment.

 Explore our list of inspiring personal and team related areas of improvement.

Each topic can be independently developed or be part of a training program.

Feel free to tell us about other topics which you feel are important for your people at this moment in time.


    • Starting point: Self-knowledge about thinking and communication styles.
    • The different styles of thinking and communication in teams.
    • Leadership from within. Clear personal and team roles and aims.
    • Key positions and empowered players in teams - who, how and when.
    • All that needs to be known and applied for effective communication
    • Understanding collaboration and being able to work collaboratively.
    • Models and effective methods to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts.
    • Curiosity as a working tool.
    • Being a proactive and effective participant in meetings.
    • Build trust and trusting others. Team cohesion.
    • Feedback and feedforward to send criticism messages.
    • Autonomous or self-directed teams.
    • Working in virtual, international or culturally diverse teams.
    • Managing productively own time and respecting the time of others
    • Teams decision making, group thinking and emotions involved.
    • Moving forward in hard times (VUCA).
    • Working in international teams.
    • How to create a personal and a team "growth mindset"
    • Communicating with impact, influence and motivation
    • Management and demanding mediation of interpersonal situations.
    • How to recognize and reinforce others. (Related to the Growth mindset model)
    • 5 areas of development in teams: goals, roles, procedures, relationships and leadership.

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