Blended Counseling and Coaching

Blended Counseling and Coaching


Our model consists of an interwoven combination of coaching, counseling and consultancy

In this way we create more value, adapt better to our customers needs and accelerate change depending on the particularities of each case without being limited to a single approach.

Coaching will provide the ideal methodology to focus on the development of personal and professional life possibilities aligned with business needs, values ​​and goals and to face personal and professional challenges. We will facilitate awareness of what results are needed and expected to  incorporate the process of counseling consulting in parallel or sequentially

Skills and competencies training will be ……using specific techniques, vicarious learning, tests, cases, monitoring and shadow test-outs.

This combination of coaching and consulting has shown to be very effective to:

  • Increase the welfare of people and their commitment to the company
  • Increase productivity.
  • Identify and eliminate potential barriers to progress.
  • Facilitate innovation, creativity and resilience of people and equipment.
  • Diminish interpersonal or inter departmental conflicts

The key is to find the right combination for each person or team.

The trainers / coaches can move easily between these approaches and methodologies.

The process of counseling / coaching / consultancy for individuals or teams within an organization follows the following phases:

  • Individual needs assessment.
  • Exploring the needs of the company and matching with the person or team.
  • Assessment of preferred thinking and communication styles
  • Individual coaching / counseling process. Minimum of four sessions and decision about continuation..
  • Team consulting / coaching process: Two four-hour sessions followed by estimates of whole group continuation and/or separate individuals coaching for key members.
  • Reports to the company (keeping confidentiality about individual sessions) about progress

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