“All-inlcuded” programs

Top management, middle management and collaborators get involved and committed in a program for improvement and renewal of communication channels, interpersonal relationships and decision making strategies.

TO ACHIEVE A REAL CHANGE AND VISIBLE IMPROVEMENTS IN AN ORGANIZATION IT is essential to involve all hierarchical levels in the program in order to facilitate the implementation of new skills.

From "outside" our facilitators perceive and recognize the current dynamics of the working groups and prepare a joint action for all, executives, managers and employees who will attend separate sessions first and afterwards meet all together to put into practice the new interpersonal skills

Objectives "All-Included":

  • Update and promote effective communication styles
  • To renew the team spirit and forms of communication throughout the whole organization or department
  • Update knowledge and application of effective people management styles and leadership skills
  • To improve processes and obtain better results
  • To be able to work proactively to create and maintain favorable environments and work in empowered teams.
  • Renew the recognition of the value of people with whom we share daily processes.
  • Communicate constructively in demanding situations.
  • Addressing chronic conflicts or respond to results of psychosocial risk studies.
  • Other .... depending on the specific needs of each team.

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