Technical skills are not enough for business success
We offer experience, innovation, and creativity in training
Agile training and consultancy for team effectiveness



What do we offer?:

NBAgility means finely grasping your training needs and finding AGILE tailored-made solutions



  • Training and Consultancy in Spanish, English and Catalan
  • Face-to-face or virtual meetings to deeply understand your needs and expectations
  • Tailored-made programs with one or more facilitators that match your requirements
  • External and internal quality control
  • Detailed reports of results and recommendations together with executive reports


  • Use of well known psychometrics methods to define personal and team starting points and for follow-ups
  • Optional: meeting to present results to Board of Directors
  • Optional: structured follow-up of trained skills and changes.
  • Optional: shadow test-outs
  • Optional: The ROI of training


People’s development – Teams growth

Proactive, efficient and productive teams

Executives, middle managers and employees eagerly assume their well understood responsibilities. Agile generation of ideas and innovation, maintaining a constructive working environment. Teams work focused on results basing their day-today work on constructive relations. The ROI of training can be part of our services.

Fluent communication and influential leadership

Really effective two-way communication to really understand and share both, strategies or instructions and emotions and feelings. Respect for the different styles of communication and flexibility to move out of the comfort zone when needed.

Changes that leave an imprint on attitudes and behaviours

We do not give courses. We facilitate changes that last. Training methods lead to neural network expansion and to new patterns of behavior and emotional responses. We make long lasting changes easier to attain going beyond the traditional acquisition of knowledge about skills.

Cutting on unnecessary conflicts

Surely people do not like to work in a team where conflicts are festered or unresolved. With emotional and behavioral training the team learns to be direct but not offensive, to air conflicts constructively, to deal with possible misinterpretations, and to turn critics into opportunities for improvement.

Optimal customer orientation

The team will know very well how to detect the needs of customers and make them feel the focus of attention. They will be able to follow a marketing plan to respond to those needs and to give continuity to the sales process with service quality as the main concern. Complains and objections will be dealt with constructively

Corporate health, safety, and wellness

Motivation and influence for the responsible use of safety measures. Application of the A.S.E. (Awareness, Serenity, Energy) model and method to achieve and maintain optimal states of work and personal wellbeing. Evaluation of Psychosocial Risk Factors and Corporate Health Plans.

Agile solutions

What type of teams do most people like to work in?


  • Self-knowledge, leadership from within and self-development
  • Communicate and connect
  • Motivate and influence
  • Managing projects and processes
  • Evaluating and developing people
  • Preventing and managing conflicts
  • Building mutual trust
  • Facilitating constructive emotions in others
  • Leading influential and productive meetings
  • Presentations in meetings and events.

Commited people

  • Self-knowledge, leadership from within and self-development
  • Effective and constructive communication
  • Fluent top-bottom | bottom-top communication
  • Proactivity and commitment
  • From conflicts to opportunities for improvement
  • Knowing how to criticize others and how to receive critics.
  • Work organization strategies
  • Dynamic participation in meetings
  • Customer orientation

Happy teams/organizations

  • Teams that build constructive relationships
  • S.E. Programs for emotional health and wellbeing
  • Healthy Work-Places (WHO)
  • Psychosocial Risk Factors Evaluations
  • Work-family-society balance
  • Stress management: relaxation, breathing and more
  • Health coaching.